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Visit our showroom in Woodbridge, to see these items and more!

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Visit our showroom in Woodbridge, to see these items and more!

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Visit our showroom in Woodbridge, to see these items and more!

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Visit our showroom in Woodbridge, to see these items and more!

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Visit our showroom in Woodbridge, to see these items and more!

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Visit our showroom in Woodbridge, to see these items and more!

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About Us

 Who We Are

Since 1983, Korson Furniture Design designs, customizes, imports and distributes contract quality home furnishings to top tier and mid-level furniture retailers and interior designers across Canada. These valued partners share our dedication to the highest level of customer service and quality. Korson's occasional furniture and accents are inspired by the ultimate in quality furniture fashioned from Milan, Toronto and other international markets. Our new and improved 90,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility includes our office, distribution center and showroom of Korson's Stock, Korson-GLOBAL, TRIBECA, GLAMOUR and Coast to Coast Imports collections.




At Korson, it’s our business and our passion to help you create living spaces that reflect what you want to see. Our selection of distinctive furniture and accent pieces represents the most inspirational and finely-crafted pieces available today. From modern euro-style to the timeless appeal of traditional designs, we offer a world of innovative and exciting new possibilities! Reinventing old styles and mixing them with modern designs and techniques creating a new harmony is what we do best. For over two decades, we’ve built our reputation for excellence and quality, by offering fashionable collections that meet the demands of the busy hotel, commercial office, or the hospitality industry - providing customer-pleasing results that withstand everyday wear while delivering the utmost in beauty and comfort.



Our Success

Looking back on our past, it has been more than 26 years since we first ventured into the furniture import and design industry. Now, our achievements have exceeded all expectations. Thanks to the tireless and innovative efforts of our team of highly dedicated and committed staff. Our belief is to expand the scope of business beyond the horizon of the next decade towards total customer satisfaction, this has driven us to focus on improving product quality as well as other aspects by listening seriously to our customers.



Our Vision

Our present success is only an impetus to prompt us to work harder and intensify our efforts in maintaining a focused approach towards becoming a truly world-class designer, importer and wholesaler of high quality furniture. We aim to preserve the ‘Korson brand’ as a hallmark of excellence, by virtue of its flexibility, style, practicality, superior quality and unmatched price.



Our Priorities

We are dedicated to delivering Korson products in terms of quality, design and durability. Through the many years of experience in this industry, Korson Furniture has gained immense expertise and insight in the global market trend. In keeping abreast with today’s demanding needs and expectations, we have created new and innovative designs for flexible application and maximum comfort in accordance to customer requirements, local and  international standards.

Our marketing strategies are based on an established tradition of providing attractively priced quality products, timely delivery and backed by a dedicated customer-support team.


Our Committment

In pursuit of a long and sustained business partnership with all our customers, we assume absolute responsibility and full commitment to ensure utmost product quality and increased customer satisfaction at all levels. We will aggressively challenge new techniques and state-of-the-art technological advancement to improve product quality and service to you while at the same time maintain a healthy competitive edge.

We will continue to brave new challenges and embrace new possibilities to consistently develop and introduce new products in the global market scene. We will strive and work towards achieving greater success together with you. Our dedication to service and value are essential to our brand. This is the fundamental basis of our business and is evident in our commitment to you.



Our People


The most important element supporting the feasibility of the company’s objectives is the strength and proven ability of our team of highly qualified management personnel. But perhaps, more important than individual competence, is the demonstrated ability of the team members to pool all their resources and efforts unselfishly together to function as a team. 

We are fully aware that customers are the reason we are in business. In our quest to create an ethical, committed and knowledgeable team, our people are periodically trained and guided to acquire skills and improve in anticipation of
future growth.



What Makes Us Different


We have a passion for the details. It stems from how we run our company, grows into the conveniences we design into our furniture, and blooms into the relationships we build with our valued dealers. We design and have much to say about the manufacturing every piece of furniture that carries the Korson name. We understand that finishing touches do more than complete the look of a piece of furniture; they set the tone of your home. Our furniture does more than fill a home. It expresses who we are.

An unwavering commitment to ensuring your satisfaction is our most important difference.



Our Lifestyle Categories


Pay attention to the surroundings of a particular person and discover an insight into their personality. At Korson, we design furniture to fit into one of four lifestyle categories: Modern, Transitional, Urban Vista and Traditional Expressions. Within these, you'll find furniture that harmonizes the design and functionality each particular lifestyle demands. Modern captures a contemporary spirit of style with bold clean lines and fresh materials. Transitional embodies a sense of revitalization of the classics where comfort and function is a priority. Urban Vista focuses on simplicity of city forms derived from metropolitan cultures around the world. Traditional Expressions embraces classical elegance and luxurious designs to captivate the imagination of a time gone by.



Our In-stock Furniture Collections


Korson Stock Furniture collections provide you with the most comprehensive and value packed assortments of differentiated products in accent furniture, occasional tables, dining and living room ensembles.


We look forward to the future with great confidence as we continue to strive for even greater success and increased customer satisfaction. It’s our pleasure doing business with your company and we anticipate a mutually beneficial, long term relationship. Please feel free to drop us a line at sales@korsonfurniture.com. To open an account please contact our customer care department at 905-850-1530.

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice browsing.