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    Contract Quality Logo

    The CQ (Contract Quality) Logo appears with selected items in each product category. These items are approved for both residential and commercial environments such as restaurants, hotels, offices, lounges and reception areas. For over 25 years we have experience in providing quality contract furnishings to the industry. Please note that these items carry our standard ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Please contact our customer service department (905-850-1530) or your local sales representative for further information.

    TRIBECA Collection

    Why choose Korson Furniture?


    Korson Furniture is renowned for offering high quality and innovative furniture; passionate for providing unparalleled quality furnishings that enable individuals to express their personal style in fresh and exciting ways. Whether you're looking for dining, living or entertaining furniture your home will benefit from the exceptional collections Korson Furniture has to offer. All of our products meet the demands of the busy hotel, commercial office, or hospitality industry, providing customer-pleasing results that withstand wear, while delivering the utmost in beauty and comfort. Our reproductions are built to stand the test of time. Look for the CQ (Contract Quality) logo while browsing.


    Product Knowledge: We share full product knowledge with our customers so they can make informed comparisons between Korson Furniture furniture and the mass-grade reproductions flooding the market. From the leathers, fabrics, veneers, and steels used, to the construction process and measured dimensions, there is a vast difference between a Korson designed reproduction and knock-offs.

    Personal Customer Service: Call, message, or email our specialists. We are here to answer all your questions. Any communication method connects you with our local, professional in-office staff. We service the Trade only.

    Attention to Detail: It is our attention to detail and the quality of the materials used which sets us apart from our competitors.


    NB. Some of our furniture items are constructed of hardwood solids and veneers over durable wood products such as medium density fiberboard (MDF). MDF is used in quality furniture for areas that need to be stable, such as large surfaces. This durable wood product does not expand or contract with heat and cold and does not absorb as much moisture as solid wood, which results in stronger and longer-lasting furniture.

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    ANDER SYT1528

    BARON SYT1523

    BATES SYT1411

    BEALLE SYY152416

    BEALLE SYY152516C

    CARMEN SYT1503


    DARRON SYT1202


    DARRON SYT1222

    EMILE SYY131116

    FIFI SYT0535

    FILLY SKSD17425


    HAZEL SKSD68017

    HAZEL SKSD68085

    JADA SKSD68907

    JADA SKSD68933


    KATIE SYT107

    KOBE SYT1614

    LALA SKSD7730



    OBAX SKSD728E04

    PACO SYY152603C

    PAIGE SKSD68334

    PAIGE SKSD68385

    PLAYTEN SYY160904C

    SHIBA SYT1616

    SOLAR SKSD76263


    SYDNEY SYY153130

    TOMMY SYY155103

    TURNER SYT1211

    ACKER SYT1525

    ARIANE SYY170205

    BASILE SKSD73834

    BEALLE SYY152406

    BEALLE SYY152418

    BEALLE SYY152590C


    CRUZ SKSD13017


    DARRON SYT1221

    DECO SYT1205

    EMILY SKSD67114

    FILLY SKSD17401

    FILLY SKSD17496

    HAZEL SKSD68015

    HAZEL SKSD68063

    JADA SKSD68904

    JADA SKSD68917

    JAFFE SYT2543



    KORNER SYT1504

    LALA SKSD7731

    LUCY SKSD67912

    NAGOYA SYT1704

    OLIN SYY171216C

    PAIGE SKSD68316

    PAIGE SKSD68363

    PIET SKSD23034

    RUBAN SYY123603

    SOLAR SKSD76215



    SYDNEY SYY153180

    TURNER SYT1210

    WALLY SYY121703

    - None

    - None

    Please place your curser over product image, swatch or finish see a larger preview.

    Please place your curser over product image, swatch or finish see a larger preview.

    welcome to TRIBECA by KORSON

    Bring on the small space glamour with TRIBECA’s Korson-esque designs. The seamless blending of rhythmic forms with straightforward function creates exquisitely refined details that ensures precision and durability. Never sacrifice style, integrity, and craftsmanship for price sensitive furniture - create spaces that are chic and family-friendly and opulent.

    Diameter: " 
    Length: " 
    Width: " 
    Depth: " 
    Height: " 
    Seat Height: " 
    Seat Depth: " 
    Arm Height: " 
    Cover: - None 
    Finish: - None 
    Option Shown: " 
    Product Weight: lbs 
    Carton Weight: lbs 
    # Items/Carton: None 
    New Cover:
    New Finish:

    Size: 12x14
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